Please note that the BCA-lab, BCA-clinic and BCA-training centre were closed permanently in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions for international patients.


The BCA group was founded and owned by Dr Carsten Nicolaus who has spent his career in the field of research, patient care and education about this disease.


Dr Nicolaus continues to do the same work he has always done, working within the global Lyme medical community and offering a holistic approach to support those suffering from tick-borne diseases and associated health conditions.


Dr Nicolaus currently divides his time between the United Kingdom, Germany and North America speaking at conferences and training medical practitioners in diagnostics and treatment protocols, thereby furthering research for tick-borne diseases.


He continues to provide mentorship and training to doctors and clinics worldwide offering personalized support to those who manage patients with complex medical histories. He also offers a limited number of direct appointments to patients.