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Dr Nicolaus is available for patient appointments or consultancy by video conference or telephone. 

These consultation appointments are to provide advice, to discuss personal medical cases, to obtain a medical diagnosis, to review treatment protocols, to discuss symptoms or health complications, or simply to get a better understanding of Lyme or tick-borne diseases and their associated health conditions.

Appointments can also be used to review and interpret laboratory test results, as well as to give recommendations on next steps.

Please be aware that Dr Nicolaus is not working exclusively with one Lyme clinic and therefore he is not directly managing ongoing patient cases. Instead, he is able to act in a supportive and supervisory manner to the patient and their medical support team.

For patients on herbal or alternative protocols, Dr Nicolaus can prescribe directly to patients.

For patients on a mixed or conventional treatment protocol plan (e.g. antibiotics, disulfiram or IV infusions), they will need to be registered with their local Lyme clinic, GP or medical practitioner that can support them and work with Dr Nicolaus and the treatment plan he prescribes to patients.

If patients cannot find local Lyme medical support this can also be discussed with Dr Nicolaus and depending on the patient’s location, a clinic or Lyme specialist may be able to be recommended.


  • Advice regarding Lyme and tick-borne diseases
  • Understanding associated health conditions and complications due to Lyme and advising on the best treatment plan
  • Review of a patient symptoms: causes and treatment
  • Analysis of laboratory test diagnostics and interpretation of blood test results
  • Review of current treatment protocols including care or rehabilitation plans
  • Interpretation of control blood work (liver, kidney, thyroid etc.) and how Lyme is affecting the patient systemically
  • Treatment recommendations for implementation by an approved Lyme clinic
  • Collaboration on complex patient cases with Lyme clinics and medical practitioners
  • Recommendations and guidance on a patient’s next steps


  • Lyme disease & co-infections
  • Pain management support
  • Chronic fatigue
  • GI issues
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Medication guidance for both natural and conventional approaches (including Disulfiram)
  • Detoxification (mould, heavy metals, toxins)
  • Tick-borne diseases and pregnancy
  • Children and tick-borne diseases
  • Morgellons disease


    To book an appointment please email us at: Please indicate the country you are currently living in so that we can determine the best time of day to offer you an appointment. We base all our appointments on GMT (London, UK) time.

    Once you have selected your appointment date and time, we will send you payment details. Full payment of your appointment must be made before your appointment is 100% confirmed. If you do not pay your invoice in full before your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be rescheduled to a later date. We may request more information from you with regards to your current symptoms and treatment to date in order to provide Dr Nicolaus with information about you before the appointment. 

    This includes a registration form, a symptom questionnaire and other patient paperwork that will enable Dr Nicolaus to have an understanding of your case before speaking to you. 

    We look forward to helping you on your path to wellness.